Casper Cloaking

A unique solution providing electronic privacy to PC and monitor screens.


CASPERTM Cloaking Technology by Designtex is an architectural film for glass that obscures digital screens to the outside view, whilst allowing normal visual access to the area. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment.

The film is completely clear so just looks like glass to the naked eye, yet prevents data from being shown to those walking by.

This is a breakthrough that will open up doors for space design in the networked, modern world. CASPERTM is the only cloaking technology of its kind anywhere in the world.

CASPERTM is recommended for meeting, conference, or office spaces where sensitive information is viewed electronically, including CCTV control rooms. It is engineered to work with most LED displays and monitors.

If you manage an office space or work in an office where data integrity is important, talk to us to find out more about the product. To learn more about CASPERTM Cloaking, call a member of our team on 01329 222299 or email

An example of how Casper Cloaking architectural vinyl works.



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