Reduce your Energy Bills with Solar Window Film

What if we told you that you could reduce your energy bills and improve your carbon footprint with just one change?

Applying solar window film to the windows of your office space can help you to control the temperature inside. It is designed to reduce the level of solar gain and glare passing through glass by up to 85%, in turn helping you reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

How it helps to reduce energy bills

During the summer, direct sunlight and UV rays aren’t able to get through the window as easily, allowing you and your staff to stay staff comfortable throughout the day. This prevents you from needing to increase your air conditioning in the summer, giving you more control over your energy bills.

Your environmental impact

Our clients consistently tell us how important it is to them to improve their carbon footprint. By applying of solar window film, you can achieve that by reducing wasted energy. It also prevents general wear and tear from sunlight so your business won’t need to replace costly interiors such as carpets or chairs.

About solar window film 

Modern generation solar films have dual reflectivity which reduces the internal reflectance of the film once installed to glass, making for a more aesthetic visual appearance.

Built with strong adhesive systems, these films are designed to be semi-permanent. Both our own branded products and the global brands we supply come with long warranties of between 10-12 years.

Solar absorption (heat being retained in the glass) can become an issue if an incorrect film is applied, so it is always best to consult our team to make sure that the right film is being installed. For more information please call us today for technical help.

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