Dermagard - Window Film

Dermagard is a technically advance, clear Polyester coating, which is applied to glazed systems to virtually eradicate the effects of Ultra Violet (UV) light passing through it.

Dermagard – UV Protection

Dermagard is a technically advanced, clear polyester coating which is applied to existing glass. It blocks 99.8% of Ultra-Violet light, at 380nm light wave level, while allowing daylight and clear vision through the glass – making life more normal for those that suffer from light sensitive conditions, for example Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE or lupus) and Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP).

It goes on working day in and day out; its scratch resistant coating ensures it is easily cleaned and needs no maintenance. The film can also be applied to the family car for even more freedom, and is being installed in homes, playgroups, schools, dermatology clinics, etc.

2nd generation Dermagard 400 is now available to the range and blocks 99.8% of UV rays at 400nm light wave level. This new film has a slight green tint to it and helps block some of the Visual Light spectrum that can cause issues for some suffers.

Both of the films in the Dermagard range can be used in more general situations where UV reduction is called for, such as Museums and art galleries. The films are also very good for helping to reduce general fading and degradation to fixtures and furnishings, although some of this damage is caused by other light wave issues from the Visual and Infra Red spectrums.


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