Providing the most cost effective way of protecting the internal environment from the combined effects of the sun.

Solar Gain & Glare

Glass with solar window film to show the benefits of the product and how it prevents the effects of the sun from penetrating indoor spaces.

Solar Gain (heat) is a major problem for internal spaces, especially office and working environments as well as the home. Our complete range of anti-solar films are designed to dramatically reduce the level of solar gain and glare passing through glass and can reduce up to 85% of the sun’s heat from entering the building through the windows.

These films can be reflective or tinted and have complex Sputtering and Vapour coating methods of manufacture, to ensure the best quality is available. With strong adhesive systems the films are designed to be semi-permanent. Both our own branded products and the global brands we supply come with long warranties, of between 10 and 12 years.

Modern generation films have Dual Reflectivity qualities, which reduce the internal reflectance of the film once installed to glass, making for a more pleasing aspect and visual appearance.

Combined solar-safety films are available offering the benefits of both types in one film and are available from 100 to over 350 microns. The film costs for these are only marginally higher and application costs are virtually the same as standard films.

Solar absorption (heat being retained in the glass) can become an issue, if film is applied, so it is always best to consult our team to make sure that the right film is being installed.

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E-Lite 45 XTRA

Download (49.36 KB)

E-Lite 70 XTRA

Download (71.77 KB)

Titan 50 XTRA

Download (92.96 KB)

Titan 35 XTRA

Download (93.00 KB)

Titan 20 XTRA

Download (92.97 KB)

Titan 07 XTRA

Download (93.02 KB)

Solar Bronze 20 XTRA

Download (51.21 KB)

Silver Matte 20 XTRA

Download (92.93 KB)

Silver 35 XTRA

Download (94.56 KB)

Silver 20 XTRA

Download (51.21 KB)

Silver 20 Exterior SR

Download (53.74 KB)

E-Lite 45

Download (430.30 KB)

E-Lite 70

Download (53.55 KB)

PerLite 50

Download (58.86 KB)

PerLite 35

Download (58.89 KB)

PerLite 20

Download (48.98 KB)

Titan Dual 15

Download (48.96 KB)

Titan Dual 05

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Optitune 40

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Optitune 30

Download (90.78 KB)

Optitune 22

Download (90.82 KB)

Optitune 15

Download (92.40 KB)

Optitune 05

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Silver 50

Download (93.69 KB)

Silver 35

Download (93.72 KB)

Silver 20

Alpha Vision

Download (256.71 KB)

AVSteel 35

Download (222.96 KB)

AVSteel 50

Download (291.79 KB)

AVSteel 20

Download (261.45 KB)

AVSpectral 70

Download (351.48 KB)

AVSolar Bronze 20

Download (331.97 KB)

AVSilver 35

Download (341.90 KB)

AVSilver 20 ESR5

Download (385.02 KB)

AVSilver 20

Download (223.69 KB)

AVSilver 50

Download (284.01 KB)

AVSilver 50 ESR10

Download (320.34 KB)

AVSilver 35 ESR10

Download (243.46 KB)

AVSilver 20 ESR10

Download (280.69 KB)

AVNeutral 30 ESR5

Download (241.60 KB)

AVMatte Silver 20

Download (326.86 KB)

AVLow E Silver 60

Download (324.69 KB)

AVLow E 20

Download (224.93 KB)

AVDual 18

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AVDual 09


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